How to Apply

Application Process

You do not need to apply for services from TeeJuh.  We do require the following information to establish that you are a TeeJuh client and to fulfill grant obligations.

To read more about our program, we have made the following documents available. 

Patient Admission & Eligibility

Policy & Procedure  Program Eligibility   

Registration Application

Once the form is completed, it will automatically be submitted for processing and/or following-up.

If you choose, you can print the form, please print, complete and bring it with you to your appointment.

Patient Admission & Eligibility

Policy & Procedure: Program Eligibility

Online Registration Application

Print Registration Application

Telemedicine Consent Form

We thank you for visiting our website, by reviewing, calling, and requesting help. This is your time, we’re here for you, and will stand by your side! Please know, we are available either by hotline or by calling “Teejuh’s,” main office on our contact page. This contact page will allow you to enter/type questions, request support, and if needed, to speak to us again. In closing, the hardest part of any journey and for healing is, “to move forward, you must first take a step,” –Chase S.M. Neill.